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There is Music in Everyone of Us

There is Music in Everyone of Us - EP1

23 Min

By okto Published: 14 Feb 2016 Audio: English

Can anyone and everyone appreciate classical music ? Is ‘classical music’ still relevant to people living in Singapore and Asia in the 21st Century ? What place does culture play in the lives of the average Singaporean ? The Braddell Heights Symphony Orchestra, a community orchestra based in Singapore, and their music director, Adrian Tan attempt to answer these important questions as they embark on an unprecedented project to push open the doors to classical music as they have never been open before. Working with a team of talented singers and vocal coach/chorus master Khor Ai Ming, the BHSO has invited a group of Singaporeans from all ages and all walks of lives to participate in this unique project. The only thing these people have in common is that they have little or no exposure to what we know as ‘classical music’. Despite that, they will be challenged to join in as a member of the chorus for the performance of one of Classical Music’s greatest masterpieces – Ludwig van Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9. Follow the journey of discovery of these intrepid Singaporeans, as they enter a world they never imagined they would enter, share their anxiety, fears and joy when they step onto the stage of the Esplanade Concert Hall for the most exciting performance of their lives. The documentary follows the participants (cast) through various phases of the project – from the first auditions, to learning German, how to use their voices, how to sing as part of the choir and finally to the final rehearsals and performance. Also featured are interviews with the participants and the musicians as they reflect on the challenges of the process, and the inspiration they received.

There is Music in Everyone of Us
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