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The Witty Advisor 金牌师爷

The Witty Advisor 金牌师爷 - EP30

45 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 03 Aug 2016 Audio: Chinese

It is because of the increasing popularity of such new-wave turn-of-the-century sword-fighting serials like Once Upon A Time that we have decided to produce a period drama with the yamen i.e. the government office in feudal China as the story background. This lighthearted and witty serial will be presented in the form of a folklore, with the story revolving around some specific criminal cases. A wisecracking scholar and his two sidekicks, a lady martial arts expert and a passionate princess, make up the cast of this comedy. Mo Bairen, Shi Chengjin and Tuotuo Kuhai are the three leading male characters in this serial. These three cronies are on extremely good terms with each other. The three of them head for Beijing to take the civil examination. Due to a strange interplay of circumstances, the intelligent and quick-witted Bairen fails to do well in his examination and can only be a legal advisor in a local yamen. And unexpectedly, it is the bland Chengjin that becomes a government official. As for the every unlucky Tuotuo Kuhai, he catches the eye of a eunuch who takes him in as his adopted son. To keep the Empress Dowager entertained, Kuhai has to work hard at his Peking opera. As a result of his constant reliance on medication, in the long run, he becomes psychologically unbalanced. On the surface, Bairen and Qianqian seem constantly to be at each other’s throats. Yet deep down in their hearts, they have a liking for each other. But Kuhai is later caught between two women when the daughter of a senior member of the imperial family falls for him. The psychologically impaired Tuotuo Kuhai takes revenge on Bairen and Chengjin. Not only does he try to drive a wedge between Bairen and Chengjin, Kuhai even sets Bairen up. Under the investigation by Bairen, Chengjin and Qianqian, they finally uncover the truth…

The Witty Advisor 金牌师爷
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