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The Wish 聚爱圆梦

The Wish 聚爱圆梦 - EP6

A Passion For Art
23 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 19 May 2020 Audio: Chinese

15-year old Muhammad Sayfullah has cerebral palsy, a disorder that severely limits his speech and movement. While unable to play sports and games like other kids, Sayfullah has a special passion for art and animals. Find out how The Wish team helped Sayfullah's digital talents gain public recognition. 15岁的賽夫拉患有脑瘫,这种疾病严重限制了他的言语和动作。 尽管无法像其他孩子一样参加体育运动和游戏,賽夫拉对艺术和动物有着特殊的热情。让我们看“聚爱圆梦" 团队 如何帮助賽夫拉.,让他的数码的绘画艺术天赋获得公众认可。

The Wish 聚爱圆梦
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