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The Wish 聚爱圆梦

The Wish 聚爱圆梦 - EP1

The Oasis
23 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 14 Apr 2020 Audio: Chinese

A motorbike accident robbed aircraft engineer Tan Hong Lian of his mobility, but not his spirit. Now in a nursing home, he finds solace in gardening and grooming its plants. His wish is to do more for the residents and share his love and handiwork with them. Can The Wish team grow his green passion into a greater oasis ? 一场摩托车事故夺走了飞机工程师陈鸿亮的一只手中的工能,使他不能工作;但这却没有夺走他的干劲。 他现在在养老院里,并在园艺和修饰植物方面找到了慰藉。 他的愿望是为居民做更多的事,并与他们分享他的爱心和手工。”聚爱圆梦”团队能否将他的绿色激情变成更大的绿洲?

The Wish 聚爱圆梦
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