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The Teenage Psychic S2 通灵少女s2

The Teenage Psychic S2 通灵少女s2 - EP4

44 Min

By HBO Published: 20 Oct 2019 Audio: Chinese

While Xiao Zhen is distracted by her newfound friendship with Yu Xuan, a new drama club recruit, Xiao Tong steps up to get things done in her absence. At the temple, Teacher Kim puts pressure on Xiao Zhen in a bid to win his bet against his estranged brother. 小真和话剧社新成员宇轩的友谊让她心烦意乱。晓彤趁她不在时自行其事。在宫庙,金老师为了赢得和分离已久的弟弟的赌注而对小真施加压力。

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