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The Teenage Psychic S2 通灵少女s2

The Teenage Psychic S2 通灵少女s2 - EP2

45 Min

By HBO Published: 06 Oct 2019 Audio: Chinese

The drama club recruits two new members – a cute newbie who seems to have taken a liking to Xiao Zhen and a soft-spoken girl who contributes fresh ideas to the club. Meanwhile, Teacher Kim’s rivalry with his brother escalates. 话剧社来了两个新社员,其中一名可爱的新生似乎很喜欢小真,另外一个轻声细语的女孩对话剧社提供许多新想法。此时,金老师和弟弟的竞争愈来愈激烈。

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