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The Teenage Psychic S2 - Parting Words

The Teenage Psychic S2 - Parting Words

2 Min

By HBO Published: 17 Nov 2019 Audio: English

Season two of THE TEENAGE PSYCHIC sees Xiao Zhen trying to pick up the pieces in the new school year following the tragedy she faced last year. As the new president of the drama club, Xiao Zhen focuses on recruiting new members, however there’s more to the two new members than meets the eye – cute newbie Zhang Yuxuan (played by Fandy Fan) and soft-spoken Zhan Xiao Tong (played by Wen Chen-Ling). At the temple, things get complicated when Teacher Kim’s (played by Chen Mu-Yi) family secret comes back to haunt him. Kuo Shu-Yao 《郭書瑤》 reprises her lead role as Xiao Zhen while Wen Chen-Ling 《溫貞菱》 (as Zhan Xiao Tong) and Fandy Fan 《范少勳》 (as Zhang Yu Xuan) join the cast in the second season. Golden Bell Award-winning actor Chen Mu-Yi 《陳慕義》also reprises his role as Teacher Kim while other new cast members include Li Xue 《李雪》and Yin Chao-Te 《尹昭德》.

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