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The Teenage Psychic S2 通灵少女s2

The Teenage Psychic S2 通灵少女s2 - EP8

47 Min

By HBO Published: 17 Nov 2019 Audio: Chinese

Xiao Zhen takes a much-needed break from her medium duties but is caught in a dilemma when someone close to her is in need of help. In school, Xiao Tong’s behaviour grows more peculiar. Meanwhile, Teacher Kim attempts to resolve the rivalry between his brother and him. 小真终于暂时卸下灵媒工作,得到迫切需要的休息,此时某个亲近的人却需要她的帮忙,让她十分为难。晓彤在学校里的行为愈来愈奇怪。金老师试图解决他和弟弟的敌对状态。

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