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The Teenage Psychic S2 通灵少女s2

The Teenage Psychic S2 通灵少女s2 - EP3

44 Min

By HBO Published: 13 Oct 2019 Audio: Chinese

At the temple, Xiao Zhen struggles to deliver the truth to an elderly couple about their son whom they think is possessed. Meanwhile, the drama club finds the perfect filming location but something is not quite right. Will Xiao Zhen come to her friends’ aid in time ? 小真在宫庙努力向一对怀疑儿子被附身的老夫妇传达真相。此时,话剧社找到合适的拍片地点,但事情似乎不太对劲。小真能否及时赶到帮助好友?

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