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The Teenage Psychic S1 通灵少女s1

The Teenage Psychic S1 通灵少女s1 - EP5

42 Min
Homosexual References

By HBO Published: 01 Jun 2017 Audio: Chinese

Alice sends Xiao Zhen a pair of tickets to her comeback concert, and Xiao Zhen and Ah Le arrange to go together as their first date. Her obligations to the temple get in the way of their date as Xiao Zhen is forced to make a trip back to appease Politician Zhao, who has brought his sick wife to the temple in hopes of a miracle. Alice寄给小真两张自己的复出音乐会的票,小真和阿乐打算以此做为两人的第一次约会,没想到却受到庙里工作的干扰,小真被迫回去应付带着生病的老婆来到庙里希望求得奇迹的赵议员。

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