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The Teenage Psychic S1 通灵少女s1

The Teenage Psychic S1 通灵少女s1 - EP4

44 Min
Homosexual References

By HBO Published: 01 Jun 2017 Audio: Chinese

The relationship between Xiao Zhen and Ah Le deepens after Ah Le confides in her about his father’s absence and disappearance. Fearing that his father is dead, Ah Le requests for divine help from Xiao Zhen but in her over eagerness to cheer him up, Xiao Zhen takes things a little too far. At the same time, Teacher Kim enlists Xiao Zhen’s help to assist a powerful politician running for office. 阿乐向小真吐露爸爸失踪的事后,两人的关系又更进一步。阿乐担心爸爸已经过世,透过小真请求神明帮忙,小真却因太急着要让他高兴起来而把事情做得太超过。此时,金老师也请小真帮忙协助一名极具权势的政客竞选。

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