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The Teenage Psychic S1 通灵少女s1

The Teenage Psychic S1 通灵少女s1 - EP3

48 Min
Homosexual References

By HBO Published: 01 Jun 2017 Audio: Chinese

Ah Le comes across an abandoned building in the school and suggests that the drama club use it for the rehearsals for their upcoming play. Xiao Zhen senses a presence in the premises and her attempt to appease the spirit results in the drama club receiving a punishment from the discipline master. Her psychic abilities also become exposed and she is ridiculed by her school mates. 阿乐偶然看到学校里一栋废弃的建筑,他建议话剧社可以利用此地做为即将演出的戏剧的排练场。小真感应到这里有鬼魂的存在,她努力处理鬼魂的问题却让话剧社受到训导主任的惩罚,她的通灵能力因此曝光,也让她遭到同学的嘲笑。

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