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The Oath 行医

The Oath 行医 - EP20

45 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 10 May 2018 Audio: Chinese

Guo En wakes up but can only remember his parents and Zhiyi but not Minfei. Minfei decides to not to tell Guo En about their relationship so as not to upset him over her condition. Guo En past memories of dancing with someone flashes through his mind and he assumed the girl is Zhiyi. Will Guo En remember Minfei ? Will Minfei be able to overcome her sickness ? 国恩醒来,但却不记得敏妃,只记得父母与芝仪。敏妃决定隐瞒与国恩的感情,免得国恩为她的病情而痛苦。国恩与芝仪逛街,看着街头艺人表演,脑中闪过片段,想起自己曾在这儿跟一个女孩共舞,并以为那女孩就是芝仪... 国恩是否会想起敏妃?敏妃能战胜病魔吗?

The Oath 行医
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