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The Merchants of Qing Dynasty 大清盐商

The Merchants of Qing Dynasty 大清盐商 - EP34

45 Min
Mature Themes

By meWATCH Published: 19 Aug 2020 Audio: Chinese

In 1776, the 41st year of the reign of Qianlong (Ni Dahong), the court is in urgent need of money for war, and official Akezhan (Zhang Zhijian) is sent to Yangzhou to collect donations from wealthy salt merchants. Instead, Akezhan uncovers a massive case of corruption that shakes the very core of the nation. Fortunately, merchant Wang Chaozong (Zhang Jiayi) appears to help deliver funds to the frontline and propose reforms to combat corruption. The fallout of the salt corruption case, however, is far-reaching and far from over, touching off a deadly power struggle that plays out amid the danger and excitement of Qianlong's southern inspection tour.汪朝宗独自赴京面圣,乾隆对阿克占在扬州的作为给予了肯定,嘱托汪朝宗在力所能及的情况下多帮助阿克占。汪朝宗借此良机,冒死直谏盐政积弊。乾隆悉心听取了他的陈述,决定不再南巡,并深思盐政改革的出路。嘉庆四年,太上皇乾隆驾崩,给事中王念孙等发起弹劾和珅。道光年间,纲盐制改为了票盐制。自此,扬州盐商的辉煌成为过去,历史走到了新的岔路口上。

The Merchants of Qing Dynasty 大清盐商
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