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The King of Grains 五谷王赐子

The King of Grains 五谷王赐子 - EP10

23 Min

By meWATCH Published: 24 Sep 2020 Audio: Hokkien

“Traditional Story of Taiwan” uses theater and drama to act out local customs and folklore. Other than the cautionary tales they tell, the series has searched for local legends and anecdotes from all over Taiwan; recording Taiwan’s local customs and culture, blending them, as well as festivals, proverbs, faith, and jobs, into their theatrical scripts—a different way of passing on Taiwan’s local culture. 众人祈求神农大帝帮忙,大帝现身却告自己也因真元仙所伤,如今只能寄望阿丑救村,然而阿丑想要对付真元仙,必须牺牲美善性命才能夺回元神珠,为救庆章,美善决定牺牲自己,素栾抢回生育簿后也到神农大帝面前真心忏悔,最后,牺牲自己的庆章与美善最终因神农大帝帮助再次成为素栾与春枝孩子,阿丑则诚心追随大帝脚步修行。

The King of Grains 五谷王赐子
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