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The Journey: Our Homeland 信约: 我们的家园

The Journey: Our Homeland 信约: 我们的家园 - EP30

46 Min
Some Disturbing Scenes

By Channel 8 Published: 29 Sep 2015 Audio: Chinese

Zihua, Jiahui and Zicong rush to the scene. Hong Kuan, who is in a civil defence volunteer, asks to join the rescue team. Feifei shields Fangfang. She promises that when the rescuers reach them, she will let Fangfang go out first. Junteng manages to locate Fangfang and Feifei. Hong Kuan and Junteng go in to save the two sisters. After Fangfang has been rescued, more debris falls, and Feifei is trapped. Fangfang apologises to Zhang Min. She finally recognises that she has been wrong and should treasure their kinship ties. Hong Kuan reads the letter Feifei had written before her surgery and is impressed by her courage. Refusing to give up, he finally manages to rescue her. Zicong loses money in the futures market. He embezzles funds from the company and loses everything. Left with no choice, he tells Jiahui why he is under pressure to do well. When she urges him to give himself up to the police, he assumes her heart is still with Zihua. He tries to suffocate her, but gives up at the crucial moment Disillusioned, Zicong attempts suicide. Zihua, Fangfang and Feifei manage to stop him. Jiahui promises to wait for him to be released from prison. Time flies; it is the year 2015. Zicong has married Jiahui, while Hong Kuan, Feifei, Hong Rui and Daidi have all settled down and have their own families.

The Journey: Our Homeland 信约: 我们的家园
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