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The Journey: A Voyage 信约: 唐山到南洋

The Journey: A Voyage 信约: 唐山到南洋 - EP7

48 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 31 Jul 2015 Audio: Chinese

Old Mrs Zhang cannot decide whether to throw Mingzhu out or not. With Xiuxiang repeating that Mingzhu is a jinx, she worries about Dong’en’s safety. Xiuxiang hopes to use the opportunity to chase Mingzhu out. Guangda does not have the courage to defy Xiuxiang. Huiniang finds out Jinhua was behind the falling tablet. Zhenniang does not expose Xiuxiang, but allows Mingzhu to stay in her chambers instead. Full Synopsis available in 8 Days

The Journey: A Voyage 信约: 唐山到南洋
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