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The Journey: A Voyage 信约: 唐山到南洋

The Journey: A Voyage 信约: 唐山到南洋 - EP30

45 Min
Some Violence and Coarse Language

By Channel 8 Published: 31 Jul 2015 Audio: Chinese

Guangda starts abusing Mingzhu and Dongen and hurts them very badly. Dongen says that the map that he gave to Guangda is a counterfeit, Guangda gets mad and locks Dongen up, forcing him to reveal the location of the rice granary. Dongen wouldnt budge, thus, Guangda forces poison water down Dongens throat. 明珠和秀香为了给珍娘上香的事吵了起来,广达对明珠和东恩拳打脚踢,将他们打成重伤。东恩说出给广达的地图是假的,广达怒极,将他关了起来,逼他说出锡米仓的地点。东恩拒绝,广达于是将掺有水银的毒药强行喂入东恩口中。

The Journey: A Voyage 信约: 唐山到南洋
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