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The Journey: A Voyage 信约: 唐山到南洋

The Journey: A Voyage 信约: 唐山到南洋 - EP28

48 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 31 Jul 2015 Audio: Chinese

Zhenniang uncovers Guangda’s ploy and reprimands him. However, she forgives him for the sake of the Zhang family. Tianpeng is reunited with Tianying. He opens the bag of snacks Zhenniang had given him and finds a large sum of money and a letter within. Her hope is that he will settle in Singapore and wait for the mining company to be set up. Tianying tells Tianpeng he likes Huiniang, but must work hard to prove his worth before marrying her. Full Synopsis available in 8 Days

The Journey: A Voyage 信约: 唐山到南洋
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