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The Journey: A Voyage 信约: 唐山到南洋

The Journey: A Voyage 信约: 唐山到南洋 - EP1

48 Min
Some Disturbing Scenes 些许画面令人不适

By Channel 8 Published: 31 Jul 2015 Audio: Chinese

Hong Shi and his bride, Yazi, set off for Nanyang from their homeland, China. Three years ago, he had gone to Nanyang without her. He returned to get her and they made the decision to settle in Nanyang, despite her father’s objections. On the same ship are two brothers, Zhang Tianpeng and Zhang Tianying. Tianpeng looks for help as Tianying is ill, but to no avail. The sailors want to throw Tianying overboard, as they are afraid his fever may be a symptom of a contagious disease. Tianpeng is grateful when Hong Shi and Yazi fork out all they have to bribe the sailors into letting Tianying remain. Full Synopsis available in 8 Days

The Journey: A Voyage 信约: 唐山到南洋
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