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The Guardians 守护者

The Guardians 守护者 - EP9

43 Min

By Channel U Published: 06 Jun 2019 Audio: Chinese

A Vietnamese saying goes: complete leaves have a responsibility to protect the broken leaves. A group of low-income people in Ho Chi Minh City lead simple lives so as to provide warmth to poorer families. They also salvage unidentified corpses in the Sai Kung River, giving them a final touch of dignity. 越南俗语说,完整的树叶有责任保护破碎的树叶。胡志明市有着一群经济拮据的人,不惜过着最简朴的生活,也要为更穷苦的家庭提供一点温暖。除了悲悯生者,更不忌讳禁忌,从西贡河上打捞不知名的浮尸,为其举行葬礼,只盼能给往生者最后一丝尊严。

The Guardians 守护者
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