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The Glory of Tang Dynasty 大唐荣耀

The Glory of Tang Dynasty 大唐荣耀 - EP82

43 Min
Some Disturbing Scenes

By meWATCH Published: 18 Aug 2020 Audio: Chinese

The story is about Shen Zhenzhu, the concubine of Emperor Daizong while he was the Prince Li Chu of Guangping. Zhenzhu was an ordinary girl from Jiangnan. Kind-hearted and noble, she stayed behind during the An Lushan Rebellion in order to show solidarity with the Tang citizens. Although she was captured by the opposing forces, she never gave up protecting her people, and remained loyal to her husband despite the pursuit of Moyan Chou, a Uyghur general, and An Qingxu, the son of An Lushan.李俶亲手为珍珠准备长寿面,珍珠十分感动。李俶回忆起与珍珠经历的过往,低头抽泣。众臣请求太子早日登基。珍珠也力劝李俶,叛军余孽未除,天下未定。大唐需要一个君主,担负天下百姓社稷重任。至于皇后的名分,珍珠想先出宫去南方调养一段时间后,回来再册封不迟。李俶想起慕容林致的建议,同意了珍珠出宫休养的请求。登基当日,珍珠与李俶告别,准备出宫。李俶声泪俱下,告诉珍珠,珍珠一日不归,后位就一日虚设。珍珠心中,此次分离,即是死别,不禁泪下。载有珍珠的马车渐渐远去。公元762年,宝应元年,李俶登基,改名为豫,大赦天下,是为唐代宗。

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The Glory of Tang Dynasty 大唐荣耀
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