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The Family Affair

The Family Affair - EP1

Middle Class Families
43 Min

By CNA Published: 27 Jun 2016 Audio: English

The Family Affair captures life as it happens in four homes across Asia, providing an intimate and truthful portrayal of how family norms and values are changing. In this debut episode, meet the husbands, wives and children who bravely reveal their family affairs- debts, gender roles, generation gap, and the sacrificial pain of child-rearing. The An family wants a bigger, better house in Beijing -- but husband and wife clash in their choice of a new home. In India, old ways collide with new ideas as six family elders of the Sharan family desperately convince their millenial grandson to get married within a year. In South Korea, the Cho family are stretched thin by mounting debts. Every single item must be accounted for but not everyone complies. In Singapore, the Su family have to deal with the untimely arrival of a third child. In the next five weeks, these families help us probe how families can hold it together through these challenging times.

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