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The Family Affair S5

The Family Affair S5 - EP4

Closing The Distance
46 Min

By CNA Published: 03 Aug 2020 Audio: English

COVID-19 restrictions are being rolled back for the families, yet the threat of the virus remains. In Singapore, the Su boys finally get to have their haircut, as COVID-19 rules are relaxed. But complications arises, when they are finally allowed to visit Grandma Margaret. In Manila, nursing assistant Charles Gama continues to keep his physical distance from his family, to keep them safe from the virus. As his wedding anniversary approaches, he finds a way to hug his family, without endangering them. In Delhi, elderly matriarch Dolly Gupta finds something meaningful to do while in lockdown, while her daughter-in-law Niyoshi struggles with having too much time on her hands, after seeing her career come to grinding halt. In Wuhan, Madam Huang keeps her distance from the family, despite being cleared of COVID-19. Unknown to her son, Wang Bin, Madam Huang's fears run deeper than just passing on the disease. How will Wang Bin deal with his mother's emotional trauma ?

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