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The Family Affair S5

The Family Affair S5 - EP3

Falling Apart Together
47 Min

By CNA Published: 27 Jul 2020 Audio: English

As the fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic continue to keep people indoors for weeks on end, some families are beginning to fray at the edges. In Singapore, after being stuck for weeks with two younger brothers who constantly annoy him, eight-year-old Tristan Su starts acting up. When his frustration escalates into bullying, his mum, Lesley, finds herself in a delicate situation. In Manila, nursing assistant Charles is still in self-isolation. This leaves his wife Jaja and her elderly parents Andres and Josephine to pick up the slack, to care for the 5 children in the household and to finish the never ending chores. Grandma Josephine decides to 'break out' of the house despite the health risk. In Wuhan, the lockdown has ended. But to Wang Bin's dismay, his three restaurants are struggling to stay afloat, forcing him to make a painful decision. His wife Wan Li offers to help him drum up business for his restaurants, but fails to convince him that her idea works.

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