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The Drug Hunter 猎毒人

The Drug Hunter 猎毒人 - EP50

45 Min
Some Violence;Some Drug Use

By meWATCH Published: 06 Aug 2020 Audio: Chinese

LV Yunpeng is a tough guy inside who is uncompromising. His biological brother was the undercover police who broke into the Golden Triangle and was brutally killed by drug lords along with being exposed. In order to revenge for his brother, he cut off all means of retreat and went to the Mingshan City at the Southwest board. Under the correct guidance of the police, Yunpeng using his strong chemical professional qualities cracked the secret disk and saved his brother’s special intelligence network developed in the Chumen of Golden Triangle to complete the last-minute save. During the several battle of anti-drugs he went beyond himself on the road of revenge and finally became a legendary civilian hero. 吕云鹏是个不折不扣的硬汉,坚毅刚强。吕云鹏的亲生大哥吕云飞的另一重身份是打入金三角的卧底警察,暴露之后被毒枭残忍杀害。为给大哥和嫂侄报仇,他破釜沉舟去了西南边陲明山市。他在警方的正确引导下,利用自己较强的化学专业素质,成为抓捕毒贩的重要力量,历经千难万险,拯救大哥在金三角楚门发展的特情网络,帮助警方多次取得缉毒战役的胜利,在复仇之路上实现了自我超越和生死蜕变,成为一名传奇的平民英雄。

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The Drug Hunter 猎毒人
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