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The Driver 伺机 (PG)

The Driver 伺机 (PG) - EP8

44 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 14 Feb 2020 Audio: Chinese

The Live Auction Killing is about to commence. A man with his back facing us, uses a voice synthesizer to tell participants to get their Bitcoins ready, the auction will start soon. The man turns around to answer a phone call. We're shocked to see that it's Ke Qiang who is organizing the auction. Zeus is none other than Ke Qiang. Biao cannot fathom why his precious son has chosen a life of crime. Live Auction Killing即将开始。一名男子背对镜头,用经过处理的声音宣布游戏即将开始,要用户准备Bitcoin投标。这时男子电话响,他转身接听。原来那人竟然是克强!游戏正式开始,第一个目标就是标叔。荧幕出现各式各样的数字和网友的留言议论。一名投标者成功获得第一个发号施令的权利。他要求拿椅子砸标叔的脚。而此时克强人在外面,并没有在控制室,所以并不知道父亲被打到惨不忍睹。

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