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The Dream Job 绝世好工

The Dream Job 绝世好工 - EP30

45 Min
Some Disturbing Scenes

By Channel 8 Published: 07 Sep 2016 Audio: Chinese

Wesley wants to get back at Jun Feng but accidentally kills Xin Ling. Earthworm is determined to take revenge for Xin Ling. He kidnaps Yi Qing and uses her to threaten Wesley. Wesley holds Xin Ya captive to force Earthworm to release Yi Qing. Jun Feng feels that he is the cause of the entire situation. He does not want to implicate anyone else so he snatches Earthworm's knife and stabs himself. Will Jun Feng be able to make it through this ? Wesley要对付俊风,却误杀欣灵。蚯蚓为了要为欣灵报仇,袭击Wesley和依晴,抓住依晴威胁Wesley。而Wesley则抓住欣雅,反过来要蚯蚓放过依晴,双方对峙。俊风觉得一切都是因为自己而起,不想连累众人,毅然抢过蚯蚓的刀刺向自己……。俊风是否能逃过一劫?

The Dream Job 绝世好工
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