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The Distance Between 下个路口遇见你

The Distance Between 下个路口遇见你 - EP1

25 Min
Some Violence 些许暴力画面;

By meWATCH Published: 04 Oct 2018 Audio: Chinese

Amos is a good-for-nothing rich man’s son who studies in Australia. Seeing how spiteful and rebellious he is, Amos’ dad decides to teach him a lesson. After selling the family’s mansion in Queensland to Warren, Amos’ dad later informs Amos that he has bought a new house for him in Perth. Upon arrival in Perth, Amos meets Coco, a fresh graduate, who guides him to his new house. However, Amos is shocked as the new house is actually just a campervan. While he is furious about his dad’s arrangement, Coco continues to glare at him from behind, secretly planning her search for the murderer… Amos是个留学澳洲的纨绔子弟,骄纵叛逆,父亲决定给他一个教训,把他昆士兰的豪宅卖给一个叫Warren的年轻人 ,并告知他在伯斯帮他买了另一间屋子。 Amos到了伯斯找不到新屋子,遇见了刚刚大学毕业的Coco。Coco带他到正确的地方,Amos一看,吃惊无比,父亲买给他的家居然是一辆Campervan!Coco望着愤怒的Amos背影,一脸的阴沉深不可测,为了寻找真凶,开始了她部署的计谋。。。

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