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The Creators Project

The Creators Project

Self-Portrait as a Buffet Table: David Henry Nobody Jr.'s Extreme Food Art
3 Min
Disturbing Scenes 内容或令人不安

By meWATCH Published: 21 Jun 2019 Audio: English

At the 2017 SPRING/ BREAK Art Show, artist David Henry Jr. created a culinary "tableau vivant," using his body and face as a canvas for exploratory food art. David begged the audience and his two co-performers to force-feed him as he sat immobilized inside a table covered in a buffet of vegetables, deli meats, and various unappetizing junk foods. The performance and its simultaneous transmission via social media created a messy, disturbing commentary on American over-consumption and our neurotic love/hate relationship with food.

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    Self-Portrait as a Buffet Table: David Henry ...
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