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The Chinese Footprint 远方的华人

The Chinese Footprint 远方的华人 - EP1

44 Min

By Channel U Published: 29 Oct 2020 Audio: Chinese

Christmas Island, a mere 135 km2 area in the Indian Ocean, used to boast an abundance in phosphate minerals which sustained many Chinese families there. Now, they can no longer rely on it and some seek better livelihoods overseas. What is the future of Christmas Island ? Who will choose to stay ? 圣诞岛,印度洋上的一个小岛,面积只有135平方公里。 丰富的磷酸盐矿产,孕育了当地无数的华人家庭,但如今岛民无法仅仰赖它,必须要到外开创更多的出路。圣诞岛的未来会是怎么样?岛上的华人还愿意继续留下来吗?

The Chinese Footprint 远方的华人
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