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The Adventures of June 小侦探大不同

The Adventures of June 小侦探大不同 - EP12

21 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 30 Dec 2018 Audio: Chinese

Recent tragedy and mishap leaves June reeling and struggling with a severe loss of self-confidence. With Teddy's help, she bounces back, but then gets captured along with Teddy by the kidnappers. Rick gets help from a surprising source Hailey to find his sister. The story culminates in an exciting showdown between June and the kidnapper boss, alone without help. 最近发生的一系列不幸的事情让晓淳又再次陷入自卑中。在熊熊的帮助下,她逐渐找回自信,但是却和熊熊一同被绑架犯绑架了。Rick从最不可能的地方 - Hailey那里,得到了关于妹妹的消息。故事的高潮是晓淳在没有帮助的情况下,与绑架犯之间的精彩对决。

The Adventures of June 小侦探大不同
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