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The 4 Chefs 四大名厨

The 4 Chefs 四大名厨 - EP13

46 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 21 Dec 2016 Audio: Chinese

This program invites four local celebrity chefs to prepare a variety of cuisine for weekly special guest while they have to go through different challenges in order to obtain tips and ingredients. Audiences do not only learn how to cook but also get entertained by the chefs’ interesting interaction and their friendship. These four local celebrity chefs are Chef Eric Teo - the witty one, Chef Heman - the earnest one, Chef Pung Lu Tin - the knowledgeable one and Chef Charlie Tham – the affectionate one. The hosts are Quan Yi Fong and Lee Teng who have developed a strong relationship with these chefs during trips in program “Love on the Plates”. Guest artiste this week will be Kym Ng !

The 4 Chefs 四大名厨
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