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Taste of Love 两代美味关系

Taste of Love 两代美味关系 - EP8

45 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 26 Dec 2018 Audio: Chinese

Local artiste Lina Ng has three sons, all with different personalities. In particular, the second son, Joel, bickers with his mum frequently. What was the incident which has made Lina feel sorry for Joel ? Stay tuned to find out how Lina maintain family bonding with her first and second son, and if both of them are able to identify their mum's creation amongst three similar dishes. 本地艺人黄嫊方家有3 公子,但三兄弟的性格却截然不同,老二恺祈最爱跟嫊方抬杠,到底是发生什么事,让嫊方对他深感愧疚呢?节目中也将看到老大和老二如何跟嫊方互动,而她所煮的美味料理,两兄弟到底是谁能吃出妈妈的味道呢?

Taste of Love 两代美味关系
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