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Taste of Love 两代美味关系

Taste of Love 两代美味关系 - EP6

46 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 12 Dec 2018 Audio: Chinese

Xavier Ong is the step son of local veteran artiste Jeffrey Ong. Xaviers performance in the few local dramas was highly commendable. Unfortunately, he committed some mistakes in his journey of stardom. Will he be given a second chance ? Also, discover the relationship between this father and son, as well as their eating habits. Will Xavier be able to identify the pig stomach soup prepared by Jeffrey ? 资深艺人王昱清的继子王胜宇,曾在几部电视剧中亮相,表现不俗,可惜后来却闯大祸,在演艺道路上,他是否有机会重新出发呢?他跟昱清的关系,以及两父子的饮食口味,到底有什么不同?昱请精心烹煮的猪肚汤 ,他又是否能吃得出来 ?

Taste of Love 两代美味关系
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