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Taste of Love 两代美味关系

Taste of Love 两代美味关系 - EP5

46 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 05 Dec 2018 Audio: Chinese

Renowned TV presenter Lucy Chow has retired from the entertainment industry for many years. Her second daughter Neo Jia Jing, who loves to perform, intends to pursue her career in this industry as well. Will her character prove that she is suitable to be an artiste ? Find out what are some special eating habits of this mother-daughter duo. Will Jia Jing be able to distinguish her mother's creation amongst the three similar dishes ? 80年代知名电视节目主持人周如珠,退隐多年,如今她的小女儿梁嘉靖,因热爱表演和唱歌,也打算勇闯演艺圈,到底这位星二代的性格适不适合当艺人呢?这对关系密切的母女,在饮食爱好方面又有什么特别?面对味蕾的考验,嘉靖又是否能从3 道相似的菜肴中,吃出妈妈的味道?

Taste of Love 两代美味关系
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