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Taste of Life 甘味人生

Taste of Life 甘味人生 - EP533

45 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 23 Nov 2020 Audio: Chinese

Chu-Tsai, Chao and his wife have five children. Devoted all his life into developing soy sauce products, Chu-Tsai very much hopes that one of his kids can follow his footsteps and take over his business, but he also respects their own passions and aspirations. Because of their father's invention dream, the Chao brother's lives are about to change. 赵居财,一生致力研发酱油产品,与妻李锦琇育有五个孩子;居财虽然希望众孩子之中有人接手经營家业,但也尊重孩子们的兴趣和志向。赵家兄弟也因为父亲赵居财的「发明梦」,人生逐渐起了变化。

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Taste of Life 甘味人生
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