Suukee Kakis 海南皆兄弟

Suukee Kakis 海南皆兄弟 - EP1

11 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 16 Aug 2019 Audio: Chinese

In the first episode, the two hosts visit an iconic street in Haikou noted for its eclectic, East-meets-West architecture, a brand new theme park which celebrates the wonders of movies and also try out a whole range of local delicacies. 首集,主持人带领观众到封为“中国历史文化名街” 并融合了多元建筑风格的骑楼老街,崭新的长影100电影城和美食街尝试当地的著名小吃。

Suukee Kakis 海南皆兄弟
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