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Super Vocal 声入人心

Super Vocal 声入人心 - EP10

89 Min

By Channel U Published: 28 Jun 2020 Audio: Chinese

"Super Vocal" is a singing competition focused on classically trained singers, singing both operatic and musical pieces. It features 36 male singers, with six winners after a total of 100 days. The panel of judges include renowned opera singer Liao Chang Yong, Shang Wen Jie and Henry Lau. 节目由舞台公演和真人秀两部分组成,由3位出品人在100天内对36位演唱成员进行分组打磨、陪伴成长,最终选出6位首席演唱者获得美声音乐会全国巡演和发行音乐专辑的机会。

Super Vocal 声入人心
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