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Super Reunion 超级同学会

Super Reunion 超级同学会 - EP1

68 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 27 Jan 2020 Audio: Chinese

"Super Reunion" is a hilarious variety show hosted by Micky Huang and Bu Xue Liang. Program filled with laughter, surprises, songs and games. Invited guests are from popular drama, music circle and variety groups. 《超级同学会》由从华视入学的“佼佼”黄子佼、“阿亮”卜学亮领军,将召开一场场充满欢笑、泪水、惊喜的同学会,对演艺圈如数家珍的两位大学长,将号召综艺王国、戏剧界以及音乐圈的同学们,为您献上经典男团女团、动人金曲、好久不见的大牌巨星,还有势必将再造另一股风潮的经典游戏 !

Super Reunion 超级同学会
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