Strike Back S6

Strike Back S6 - EP10

Episode 60
46 Min
Sexual Content 性相关内容;Violence 暴力画面

By HBO Published: 30 Mar 2019 Audio: English

When a Russian bomber crashes in the South China Sea, the covert special-ops soldiers of Section 20 are sent on a mission to investigate. There, they cross paths with a rogue Russian operative with questionable loyalties. Under orders of the new commanding officer, Section 20 pursues stolen contents of the Russian jet across Southeast Asia. They will work alongside the Malaysian police to shut down a Triad gang in Kuala Lumpur, uncover a corrupt plot by a wealthy Indian businesswoman running for Parliament and plunge into the jungles of the Golden Triangle in Myanmar, facing off against mercenary drug agents and terrifying warlords, as they uncover a conspiracy that threatens to push the world to the brink of global conflict.

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