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Split Ends 兵分两路

Split Ends 兵分两路 - EP6

Sarawak - Tay Ping Hui and Fiona Xie
24 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 17 May 2017 Audio: Chinese

Split Ends sends celebrities packing on shoestring budget travels while contestants are sent to enjoy the luxuries of a first-class holiday. It highlights the comparisons and gives viewers a complete picture of the place visited; a split-screen effect may sometimes be administered to show the 2 varying styles of travel. The show may also alter the way some people think about travelling ‘off the beaten track’ as they see celebrities being enriched in ways you’d never experience travelling luxuriously. Contrarily, saving to travel in style could sometimes make for a very relaxing and rejuvenating holiday, relieving the stress of our fast-paced life. Not only does this program open the different choices of travel within the featured location to the viewers; it also provides an insight into the beauty and culture of the location. One of the main highlights of the show is the ‘Chance Encounter’. Occurring in each episode, the ‘Chance Encounter’, which could take on a very light-hearted view, is where both the contestants and the celebrities meet and make general comparisons on what they’ve done so far and get an inkling on what each other has missed or perhaps make the celebrities green with envy at the luxurious treatments the contestants have been receiving. Braving the beaten road in each episode include, Dasmond Koh & Yvonne Lim, Edmund Chen, Carole Lin, Chen Hanwei & Ivy Lee, Terence Cao & Aileen Tan, Edmund Tay & his actress-wife Hong Huifang; Tay Ping Hu & Fiona Xie.

Split Ends 兵分两路
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