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Spicy Hot 火辣辣

Spicy Hot 火辣辣 - EP10

22 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 05 Mar 2018 Audio: Chinese

India is the last stop on this Spicy Hot journey. Guntur Sannam is the spiciest chilli in India and it's popular ! On average, 28 tons per annum of this extraordinarily HOT chilli is harvested. How will Teddy fare after he tastes India's chutney and famous spicy dishes ? Will he win or lose the SPICY battle ? 火辣辣之旅来到最后一站—印度!以辣美食闻名的国度究竟有哪些恐怖辣椒呢?印度最辣的辣椒Guntur Sannam产量高达28万吨!Teddy也将品尝地道的辣蘸酱和美食,吃得火辣辣的Teddy会被打倒吗?

Spicy Hot 火辣辣
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