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Special Delivery 非一般递送

Special Delivery 非一般递送 - EP12

The Philippines (Marawi) From War to Hope
23 Min

By Channel U Published: 08 Jan 2020 Audio: Chinese

For months, the battle raged between pro-ISIS rebels and government forces. When the sounds of war and death finally subsided, large swathes of Marawi are in ruins and its displaced population are left to pick up the pieces. Facing up to the challenge is Dr Baimona Dimakuta, who is reaching out to help as many of her fellow countrymen as possible. Our host, Khai Saharom travels to Marawi - delivering vital medical equipment to help the good doctor in her outreach, and also, supplies to an expectant mother. Khai has to look out for rebel remnants and when confronted by the scale of the challenges, realises that a morale boost is just as necessary. With the help of the community, Khai organises a gathering to reaffirm the promise of a better tomorrow - to help the community move from the trauma of war to the vigour of hope.

Special Delivery 非一般递送
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