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Songs We Love 那一段听歌的日子

Songs We Love 那一段听歌的日子 - EP8

47 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 31 May 2020 Audio: Chinese

Since the 80s, many of our local singers have made a name for themselves overseas, spreading the music from our Little Red Dot far and wide and producing countless unforgettable tunes. In this episode, you will get to enjoy classic hits by their original singers ! Gina Tan, Ann Kok and Jocie Guo, together with the hosts of Meng FM will bring you on a reminiscent trip down memory lane this afternoon. 80年代起,不断有本地歌手勇闯海外,小红点的歌声因此传遍四方。他们也各自留下了叫人难以忘怀的金曲。这一集就让“三美女”——吉娜、郭舒贤和郭美美,连同梦FM的“三才子”带你复习本地姜闯海外的事迹和秘辛,再用各自的金曲让你陶醉在这个午后。

Songs We Love 那一段听歌的日子
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