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Songs We Love 那一段听歌的日子

Songs We Love 那一段听歌的日子 - EP7

46 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 30 May 2020 Audio: Chinese

The charm of karaoke is that it allows anyone to sing like a star. Everyone definitely has a few must-sing karaoke songs. What are some of our guests' favourites ? Besides singing some of the most memorable classics, the guests will also share some juicy stories during their karaoke days. 卡拉OK的魅力就是可以让所有人都可以像歌手一样随心所欲地唱歌。每个人心中一定都有几首必点的K歌,嘉宾们的必唱歌曲又是什么呢?除了听他们带来那些年的金曲,他们也会分享去K歌时所发生的趣事。

Songs We Love 那一段听歌的日子
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