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Songs We Love 那一段听歌的日子

Songs We Love 那一段听歌的日子 - EP6

46 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 24 May 2020 Audio: Chinese

A good song connects with people no matter what languages they are adapted to. This week, local Cantonese pop queen Liu Xin Ling will sing her well-known dialect pop songs. Local celebrities Aileen Tan and Jeremy Chan, along with the hosts Lee Teng and Desmond Ng, will also bring us the ever-so-classic song covers. 一首好听的歌曲,不论是翻唱成任何语言,都同样能让人百听不厌,本地广东天后刘心玲的拿手粤语流行曲,还有陈丽贞和田铭耀的说说唱唱,以及主持人李腾和黄振隆联手带来最经典的翻唱舞曲,肯定能陪伴大家度过一个充满欢笑声及美妙歌声的午后时光。

Songs We Love 那一段听歌的日子
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