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Songs We Love 那一段听歌的日子

Songs We Love 那一段听歌的日子 - EP5

46 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 23 May 2020 Audio: Chinese

In the 80s-2000s, the pop music scene buzzed with singers known as heart-throbs and maidens. Fans also went gaga over boybands like Xiao Hu Dui and F4. As we reminisce this "era of the maidens and heart-throbs", schooldays idol Gigi Loh, along with local celebrities Kate Pang and Wang Weiliang, will bring us some of our most memorable melodies. 80年代至千禧年代的华语流行乐坛,百花齐放,歌迷心目中的偶像,除了帅哥及玉女型的歌手之外、还有小虎队和F4 ,也曾风靡一时,本集将跟大家重温这段 <玉女与偶像的年代>,久违的学生偶像谷行云、艺人庞蕾馨和王伟良也将演唱偶像们的难忘金曲。

Songs We Love 那一段听歌的日子
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