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Songs We Love 那一段听歌的日子

Songs We Love 那一段听歌的日子 - EP20

47 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 12 Jul 2020 Audio: Chinese

Keep on going, never give up. Positive energy will lift you above the weight that is keeping you down ! This week, our hosts and guest artistes will share their favourite songs, movies and TV drama serials that bring them positive energy. Stay tuned ! 只要不被打倒,“不好的事”终会成为过去。这一集,我们有充满正能量的歌曲,不管你正沮丧、失落、无助、迷失,这些歌曲都能成为你人生的加油站。主持人和嘉宾也将在节目中分享那些曾带给他们正能量的电影和电视剧。《那一段听歌的日子》最后一集,敬请锁定!

Songs We Love 那一段听歌的日子
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