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Smile 想看你微笑

Smile 想看你微笑 - EP24

40 Min

By meWATCH Published: 01 Oct 2020 Audio: Chinese

Shu Zhan is a popular superstar, however, people do not know that he has a syndrome that causes him to fear skin contact with people. Everything changes when he meets Xiao Xing, a girl who is unable to act in front of a camera without freezing up, being stuck as an extra all her life, who he is able to make contact with. What will their relationship be like ? 垣陵将和总同时也带到了现场,看到小行与舒湛的危险处境使她来不及多想便去救人。计划终于成功,小行与舒湛获得了和总的谅解。辛垣陵前来找小行告别,计划前往美国放弃这段单恋。两年后,杜念成为了人气明星,安歌送卡片祝福,杜念霸气强吻表示两人刚刚开始。沈寻终于放下骄傲学习,与惟白一起研究人物。杜若成为了幸福的人妻,夜零暖心照顾怀孕的她。望之坚持来给小晴讲故事,向和总表达了愿意以余生陪伴的想法。

Smile 想看你微笑
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